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Ward 7

The Geography

Welcome to Ward 7, which is located in northwest Toronto. The Humber River marks the ward’s west border, Steeles Avenue West makes up the northern border across to Highway 400. The boundary cuts east across Finch to Jane Street and heads south down to Highway 401, which marks the southern border.

The Profile

The City of Toronto has compiled a detailed profile of Ward 7 based on the information collected in the 2001 Census. The report can be downloaded by clicking here

Cause for Concern

Here are some challenges in Ward 7 - compared to the rest of Toronto:

Low income families

Ward 7:  26.7%

Toronto: 19.4%

Low income single individuals

Ward 7:  52.1%

Toronto: 37.6%

Unemployment rate

Ward 7:  8.2%

Toronto: 7.0%




All figures: Statistics Canada, 2001 Census

Reasons for Hope

Ward 7 is home to some of the larger ethnic groups in the city.  This diversity can be a source of strength, if a councillor is able to work with everyone.  Sandra Anthony is already making connections among ethnic groups and political parties - imagine what she will do when she is elected!


Ward 7



24.2 %

5.6 %

East Indian

10.3 %

5.4 %


6.0 %

2.7 %


5.0 %

6.5 %

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