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Your child is my child!



Dear Resident,

I am asking for your vote because, as a lifelong practising Catholic, Educator and Community Worker, I will ensure that the mission of Catholic education, as part of the broader mission of the Catholic Church, is fulfilled. I am committed to:

  • Health Promotion in all schools
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Open and honest communication with all stakeholders
  • Leadership that will enable school staff to meet the needs of Toronto’s diverse student population
  • Balanced budgets and full accountability
  • Maintenance of the Catholic ideals that will prepare students to meet the challenges of our ever-changing world
  • Helping your child to enjoy school as much as I did!

I will work, cooperatively, with you, the community, various levels of Government and other members of the Toronto Catholic District School Board to ensure that every child gets the help needed to succeed - while benefiting from the unique academic and spiritual guidance which the TCDSB has traditionally provided. Thank you for your support.


Below: Dr. San and Dr. Michael Ignatieff, Liberal Leader.

Above: Dr. San and Senator David SmithBelow:

Dr. Carolyn Bennett, M.P. St. Paul, Dr. Ruby Dhalla, M.P. Brampton-Springdale  and Dr. San

Above: Dr. San and Dominic LeBlanc, M.P. Beausejour. Below:

Dr. San and the Hon. Bob Rae.



My Projects in Our Community


My Commitment to You


• Collaborating with governments and trade unions to establish a trade school in our community

• Advocating on behalf of, and developing health programs, for seniors

• Establishing a peace process with disengaged youth to end “gang” violence

• Working with religious and community leaders to improve the quality of life for those in the Jane-Finch neighbourhood

• Fighting for better wages and working conditions for service sector employees

• Empowering individuals to help them to achieve their goals

• Create more employment and training opportunities

• Make public health care more accessible

• Advance the fight to keep our hospital open

• Work to eliminate the root causes of violence and improve safety

• Enhance social services and programs

• Clean, properly maintained, affordable housing and protection for tenants

• Expand bus routes and transit service

• Improve the environment

• Encourage small business development

• Reform property tax to make it fairer for residents and business













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